by Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith






Special Historical Highlights

2015- 2018

I suffered forced Homelessness. I was victimized by Major Identity Theft. The Criminal Stole My Private Retirement Home while I was healing immediately after 3 Spinal Surgeries. Yet…

God led me through my darkest days by equipping me with the following visionary knowledge. Respectfully. #ActionSpeaks

Every person that takes time with the person or people receiving your Professional services may want to refer to you or reference you as a Professional Humanitarian or Professional Humanitarian Representatives. Respectfully

Why? To maintain Democracy in America and any other Country, it is, without doubt, necessary that human beings not allow humanity to die in ignorance. Respectfully remember prayer and how pray and prayers were highly recognized and appreciated , respectfully and appropriately in the entertainment world. Westerns and other majority television and other media. Respectfully.

It behoves us , every human being to recognize, and appropriately appreciate being a Professional Humanitarian and/or Humanitarian Representative of Democracy in America and the global human society. Respectfully.

  1. What is meant by “PROFESSIONAL HUMANITARIANS” Acquiring and Implementing as much knowledge and skills of your major field of study. Yet, never relinquishing the foundation of the “Human Side of the Human Being “(quote by Harvey Jackins 1952)
  2. Why? There aren’t any people that care about other people who can’t make it on their own any more. I began talking with God of the persons who stole my home who made many attempts to kill me and how the police and the court house judges protected the criminals instead of me the innocent victim who never did anything purposely to hurt nor harm anyone. Not even the ones who continue to hurt and harm me. Who stole my home and my name and even my social security. God, there aren’t any Professional Humanitarians nor Humanitarian Representatives. At least not very many. And, why would I want to go back home. My attorney said to walk away theirs nothing he can do for me to get my home back. And if he did, the person who took my home from me would probably kill me, for sure. Everyone here said I’m better off here. In a homeless shelter until the counselors help me find my own apartment.
  3. Then God asked me, “Are you free ,here? Are you in bondage “ Do you believe that you belong here as victim of the thieves and murderers who take pleasures in where they are? Who’s protested here? The innocents like yourself or the guilty reprobates, thieves and murderers? Respectfully, I was quiet. Because I knew the answers to all the questions God had me ask myself. I said Yes to God. I began my Mission Walk, immediately with a 3 wheel roulette Walker because one of the wheels was broken off. That very day on my regular leave to find somewhere to go for the day. We all had to leave the buildings during the day . It didn’t matter about age nor bing crippled after three major spinal surgeries. Which was my personal condition. I had to leave as the rest of them.
  4. for me to include the mission of Finding and appreciating professional humanitarians.


  • When were The Greatest Moments of Life…

… In the Black Community of Panama City, Bay County, Florida?

1983. When the Black Community UNITED in the FIGHT AGAINST CRIME. The sun shine brighter within the community among the people that they were believers included, knowing that we could, as a community, actually move ourselves forward and maintain safe and blessed community among our people. It is with this knowledge, wisdom and understanding, above that I share with you,, necessities to education excellence of “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED “ Respectfully Submitted GLORIA Jean Hunt KEITH.


Respectfully Submitted

Gloria J. Hunt Keith. #ActionSpeaks

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